5 Elementor widgets completed

Elementor easy banner box widget

It is important to keep your website up to date by sharing updates or valuable content, you can use this plugin with advanced features to show blog content on different pages in impressive areas. Thanks to the advanced WP_Query options, you can easily use all parameters. Advanced Blog Posts Widget, which contains Author, Tag, Category and all other standard parameters, is like a plugin in itself.

Thanks to this fully customizable widget with dozens of options, you can create the carousel structure you want. You can build unlimited structures with the Elementor section with Elementories Carousel Widget. All the settings that the carousel widget will need have been added.

Feature boxes are simple yet powerful content structures used on almost every website. With this plugin, you can strengthen your messages using icons. Create unlimited column layouts with this features box widget as 1+1, 1+2 columns and other layouts.

Simple jobs should not take a long time, prepare your posters in minutes without any problems. Build flat or masonry structures with 2 widgets.

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