advanced section widget

Elementor Advanced Section Widget

In this article, we have gathered powerful features added to help you avoid the hassle of some of the shortcomings in Elementor.

Elementor Nested Section

We are very happy to find a solution to the “nested container” problem, which is the common problem of Elementor Website Builder and almost all other page builder plugins. We have added some features for the section widget to eliminate the deficiencies in the Elementor Free version, we will introduce parallax and other features in this article. You won’t need the Elementor Pro version like everything else in Elementories.

Advanced Elementor Parallax

The parallax effect is a creative orientation designed to give background images impressive effects to the scroll effect of our pages. With Elementories, you can use it on your pages in an unlimited way and in different formats with one click. By using different motion-sensitive animation types such as scroll or fade, you can create different effects on visitors, Elementor Free is now more fun.

Particles Background Effect

It is very easy to use animated shapes or lines that hover over the background images, you can color these shapes and change their size as you wish. Using 4 different effects, you can strengthen the message you want to convey with background movements. Using Elementor Particle JS on your WordPress website couldn’t be simpler!

Elementor Vegas
Background Slider

In this background feature created using the Jquery Vegas Slider plugin, you can use a slideshow slider where you can apply nearly 30 different animation types to images. You can play as many pictures as you want in the background by selecting the animations you want.