Header Building wıth elementor

Elementor Custom Header Builder Widgets

Do you want to build your own page header with Elementor Page Builder? Need some website particles to use in the header area? Yes, we faced this problem and developed a system where you can build a completely special custom header. We have separated widgets such as Menu, Logo, language menu, shopping card and you can use it in any grid as you wish.

Widget Features and Options


Widget #1 : Custom Header Menu

You can use WordPress primary menu or build your custom links with this menu widget. Supported custom links, Elementor Template based Megamenu, Sticky,  Icons and 40+ customization options.


Widget #2 : Custom Icons

Use icons with links

Icon list widget

Widget #3 : Custom Search Boxes

You can use Expanding Search Bar or Popup Search Form with Elementor, widgets included some settings to customize icon, text and forms.

custom Search forms

Widget #4 : Elementor Language Switcher

You can create your custom language items with flags or use Polylang Plugin option

custom Language Switcher